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10 things you need to know about new law
Publish on : 2017-05-22 05:58:42
The Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016, the landmark realty law to protect home buyers from unscrupulous developers, will become operational from Monday, nine years after it was conceived. The act was cleared by Parliament in March last year. Under the act, states had to notify the re...
How RERA will affect you?
Publish on : 2017-05-22 05:41:45
RERA or The Real Estate (Regulation Development) Act, 2016 has come into effect from today. The Act would regulate the real estate sector that involves over 76,000 companies and is expected to trigger a “new era” of transparency and efficiency for both the buyers and developers. In a series of twee...
10 Benefits for Home Buyers
Publish on : 2017-05-22 05:39:58
Highlights: 1. The Government of India implemented the real estate bill RERA Act nationwide on May 1 this year 2. The RERA Act will improve the governance, bring more transparency and accountability into the realty sector, say experts 3. It mandates developers to disclose project related d...
What RERA means for Buyers and Builders
Publish on : 2017-05-09 00:15:54
In a step that will bring the Real Estate Act closer to implementation, the union government has notified the rules under the act. We examine its implications for home buyers and developers The union government of India recently notified the rules under the Real Estate Regulation Act, which will...
Five ways RERA will impact Real Estate Brokers
Publish on : 2017-05-09 00:14:14
The Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016 (RERA), which came into force on Monday, is set to make brokers more accountable towards homebuyers. Brokers play an important role in real estate transactions but they have never been under the ambit of a regulatory authority. According to analy...

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