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The red-hot property market that’s challenging even Mumbai prices
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The red-hot property market that’s challenging even Mumbai prices
Publish on : 2021-09-20 17:47:54
In recent weeks, I have been travelling to parts within North India. One of the destinations where I spent some time was in the city of Chandigarh. The story behind the creation of Chandigarh is well known: after independence with the partition of Punjab, the capital city of Lahore went to Pakistan. A new capital was needed and Prime Minister Nehru wanted to create a model city. Through a combination of plan and fate, the noted architect Le Corbusier got the job to plan and design Chandigarh at the fading end of his career. And in 1952, the story of India’s first planned city began. Thereafter the Punjab Reorganisation Act of 1966 ensured that Chandigarh would become the shared capital of both – Punjab and Haryana. Model city Today it will be a churlish man to deny that Chandigarh is a city like no other in India. It works to a master plan. The city is divided into sectors from Sector 1 to Sector 63. Each sector is of 250 acres and has a firm purpose and is self-sufficient. Sector 1 is the location which houses the High Court, Secretariat, Assembly and forms the glorious architectural legacy of Corbusier. Sector 17 is the commercial paradise. As Corbusier was superstitious and thought the number 13 was unlucky – there was no Sector 13 until recently. Besides the division of sectors – there is intelligent designing of roads. It is green to the extent that it is the only city where 10% of the area is provided for parks and open spaces. The residents are demanding to the extent that they are emphatic about features like the presence of air, light and ventilation in their housing. Tall buildings are shunned with height restrictions for most structures placed at a mere 35 feet. The tallest building in Chandigarh is the Secretariat which is only eight

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