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There is a mass revolt by builders: Chief Justice
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There is a mass revolt by builders: Chief Justice
Publish on : 2019-04-26 12:48:55
MUMBAI: Two weeks after Chief Justice Pradeep Nandrajog arrived in Mumbai to take over the top job in the Bombay high court, the judge on Thursday said he sees a "lawless city".  The chief justice, who is sitting on a division bench with Justice Nitin Jamdar, has been hearing PILs and petitions relating to violations in building permissions, among other issues. "Courts are usually approached if there is an aberration. What I am seeing in Mumbai is lawlessness," observed the chief justice. The bench made the remarks while hearing a PIL on flats being occupied in  Navi Mumbai without occupation certificates. The court was informed that the  Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation  did not have statistics on the number of such buildings. The judge said the bench had been hearing PILs about buildings lacking fire NOCs and other violations.  "If there are 10 rowdies in the city, we can direct the police commissioner to take action. But what does one do when around two crore people rise in revolt? There is a mass revolt by builders. Drastic measures need to be taken," the Chief Justice said. Source :- Economic Times

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