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Work For Us

We invite the housewives, students, retired persons and also part-timers to work with TeamUp and earn highly lucrative incentives for yourselves. You can act as TeamUp Agent to your family members, friends, colleagues, etc.

  • As TeamUp Agents, you can share the details of properties of the individuals who are willing to rent or sell them. You would earn commission at the end of each successful deal and can easily make the best use of our huge Network of Brokers across the city.
  • As TeamUp Agents, you can also share and market the best Real Estate Offers listed on TeamUp Website among your personal or professional networks. Here you can directly earn commissions on the completion of each deal.

TeamUp Agents would not be time-bound and can work according to their preferences on different assignments. They would be free to work from any preferred locations. There won’t be any weekly or monthly targets and so they can freely work the way they want.

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